Aloha Sunday spends a moment with Mat Crossan, founder of fellow San Diego based brand Favorite Pastime to chat about his new fall collection.

Mat grew up in Northern California, spending afternoons hiking and snowboarding in the mountains of Tahoe, while simultaneously enjoying summers near the oceans of San Diego and Australia. The combination of sea and slopes is the spirit behind Favorite Pastime and its brand mark as well.

Tell us a bit behind how Favorite Pastime got its start.

I’ve worked on the wholesale and retail side of things and finally decided I wanted to try my hand at producing my own garments. I saw a hole in the market and wanted to fill it. It took a lot of trial and error, putting all the puzzle pieces together, and about a year and a half to actually introduce something to the world.

How do you approach designing new pieces?

I try to innovate with subtle details on classic silhouettes. I always make sure the fabrics are tough enough to take abuse and will break in over time to be a favorite piece that you wear that you can feel cool and comfortable in.

That makes sense, with this new fall collection, the garments are definitely tough as nails with different textures. Clothes meant to be lived in.

Yea, I chose simple colors up top. Blacks, blues, whites…I liked the textures of herringbone, and the ticking denim, the contrast tin and rusted buttons. Really I wanted something comfy for cool nights on the beach or in the mountains.

How do you introduce Favorite Pastime to the guy whose probably been shopping at strip malls his whole life and is just now willing to spend a bit more for quality clothing?

I think Pastime is a very easy brand to move into because the fits are comfortable, the details are cool but not over the top, and price points not unreasonable. Shit we only make about 25 of each item at this point. I’m looking for the guy who doesn’t need a brand blasted across his chest. Something he’d feel comfortable wearing to meet his girl friend or in-laws and still be able to go hangout with his friends in the same clothes.

Adding to that, any one of the pieces can be easily adopted into a guy’s existing closet.

Yea and I’ve been wearing it all and everything is breaking in nicely. I’ve had some good times in these clothes already and created some good stories. Thats more what its about to me. The stories you create in them with friends…as cheesy as that sounds.

Mat is wearing the James Jean Shirt